Reunion Picnic (1934-1971)

Sponsored By Classes of 1960 & 1954


Last Updated: 8/14/2012


Note from Anna Marie: Recently I had occasion to talk with Frank Taddeo. During that conversation, Frank told me that writing poetry was a hobby of his. I asked him to write something about our CHS Reunion Picnic...which he did. Below you will find Frank's poem. At the right is a picture of Frank as he appeared in 1956. He used to work at this gas station across from Tomich's Gas Station; it was City Service Station. Frank says, "that, by the way, was when gasoline was 21.9 per gallon."

By Frank Taddeo (CHS'53) - Written July 2012

How nice it is to meet old friends after many a year
And after visiting for a very short time, old memories soon appear.
Some meet each other with a handshake, some do the high fi'
Still others meet with a good firm hug, and there are those that simply cry.

As all meet and become anew, something strange begins to form.
The Past becomes the Present now and all is back to norm.
'Tis no surprise to anyone that everyone has fun.
Through the day, the warmth is felt as a family
And as the day draws to a close, care and love you see.

The day moves on into chatter and jest
And some lean back into lawn chairs to rest.
The enjoyment is contagious all day long
It causes some to vow they'd stay until dawn.

The joyful noise sparkles through the air
That others around came to stop there.
I guess they wanted what we all had to share
Everlasting friendship and care.

The hugs and warmth capture lost years
As all talk about business and those who were dear.
Those who went to Clairton High have a certain mystique
We have a true friendship here that many people seek.

Time fades away so silently...
As we follow, oh so helplessly.
But no matter where, we'll still be friends
Though life stops down here, life never ends.

As the winds of time carry us aloft,
We'll all be together way high off.
And as we drift into where time never ends
We'll still all be more than just friends.

I know God's hand is on Clairton High
To allow us to meet this way.
It's sure each year He smiles down on us
And gives us all a Perfect Picnic Day!

We have a fellow CHS graduate, Lois Basch (CHS'45), who published a book of poetry that she has written. The name of the book is (to be provided soon). One of the entries in that book is the following poem. Lois knows that we are going to put this poem on a CHS website. We hope you all enjoy it and that it brings back a memory or two.

C.H.S. (For Clairton High School Reunion)

By Lois Basch (CHS'45)

I wish, I wish, I wish I could, Stroll for just a while,
My alma mater's fabled halls, I remember with a smile.

I still remember lunchtime, And dancing on the stage;
How everyone was into, The jitterbugging rage.

Ham Bar B Q's at Isaly's, And bracelets made from spoon,
The best hot dogs at Johnny's, Were specialties at noon.

The D.A. cut was in man, The turned up collar too;
The peasant blouse and bobby sox. And saddle oxford shoe.

Walk along beside me, Do you remember too?
Our years at Clairton High School, And the things we liked to do.

Buck, Buck how many fingers up, You'd hear the fellows yell;
As they gathered round the corner, Before the morning bell.

Then Bio class with Edgar, And his tobacco chew;
How when he left the classroom, We all knew what he'd do.

Miss Craven how she mothered us, How she showed her power,
With her "Girls, now girls, before you dress, You've got to take a shower."

I always thought it funny, It was really rather moot,
That girls should wear a bathing cap, But boys didn't wear a suit.

You didn't talk above a whisper, In ancient history class;
But did you ever want to bang a book, To see how long you'd last?

Keep walking with me if you will, For just a little while,
Because just around the corner, A thought is still a smile.

I never told a single soul, But I'll confess it now;
One day I passed the office, And saw Dr. Stabler smile.

We always went to Kennywood, Sometimes we took the train;
Or the bus and then the street car, The weather -- always rain.

I had a couple special friends, I'm sure that you did too,
The ones who always seemed a part, Of everything you'd do.

Young we were, but not too young, To feel the tug of heart;
With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, As classmates did their part.

Do you recall as I do, When we turn the page of time;
On Fridays how we purchased, A war stamp with a dime.

Each day we pledged allegiance, To the good old U.S.A.,
And no one ever told us, We weren't allowed to pray.

We never had the SATs, Board scores we never knew
We studied, sometimes not too hard, But smelled the roses too.

We never had a racial strife, Or cared of status quo,
These things weren't important, It was all in how you grow.

But the bell that rang for classes, Still tolls for you and me;
If our hearts will hold a place for, Each high school memory.

This year we hold the golden egg, Let's always keep the key,
To the kaleidoscope of treasures, That belongs to you and me.

I'm glad I walked beside you, When our dreams were so alive;
And we laughed and cried together, The class of forty five.

So walk with me tomorrow, As you walked with me today;
Knowing life is richer, Because of yesterday.