Last Updated: 1/15/2019

2019 Florida Picnic Contact: Mike Ross -

The 2019 Clairton Picnic in Florida is on. This picnic is held every year on the third Saturday in February at Ft. DeSoto Park, St. Petersburg, Florida. See map below.

This year, the Clairton Picnic in Florida will be Saturday, February 16, 2019. Please see the brochure below prepared by Bob Beech. Perhaps it will answer any questions you may have or provide you with information on how to get in touch with someone about the picnic.

People begin to arrive about 10:00 a.m. Bring your own lunch. Keep hoping for nice weather!!!! Have a great time!! Send pictures to Anna Marie for publication on this picnic website.


Please note that alcoholic beverages are not permitted in Ft. DeSoto Park. If attendees are caught with alcoholic beverages, a hefty fine will be issued. Please adhere to the Park regulations during visits for the Clairton Florida Picnic.

Clairton picnic area is located southwest of St. Petersburg, Florida. Starting at I4 West, go to I275 South. Use Exit 17 onto Rt. 682 West, Pinellas Bayway (toll - 75 cents). Get off at Rt. 679 South (another toll - 50 cents). This route will take you into Fort De Soto Park, where there will probably be a sign directing you to the Clairton picnic shelter (probably Shelter #14) on a beautiful part of the beach. Bring your own lunch and beverage. There is a nominal charge for the picnic.


The park charges a $5.00 parking fee per vehicle. If a person has a valid Disabled Parking Permit, they are not required to pay the fee....but they must display the permit when entering the park.